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Less for More

If you’ve ever seen a satellite launch, you know that it happens in two stages. First, a powerful rocket propels the satellite up and away from the pull of Earth’s gravity. Then it drops off, leaving the rest of the job to a booster rocket that takes the satellite into orbit. This two-stage process reminds me of the way God has revealed Himself to the world. In the first stage, God came to a people chosen by God, to whom He made himself known through His prophets and the Law. During this stage, God led His people away from the pull of paganism towards the truth that He was the one God of all creation. But when the time was right, God jettisoned the prophets and the law and revealed Himself in the person of Jesus. The second stage had begun.

It is in this second stage that we live today. It is a time when God’s Holy Spirit is moving like a breeze throughout the world, awaking people to His presence. Or, if you will, orbiting the earth like a satellite, beaming His message of grace and invitation to new life into every human heart. It is a time of God’s personal revelation, and our response is necessary for salvation. Paul said, “If you confess with your mouth that “Jesus is Lord” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”  This formula expresses the core of Christin faith: If we believe Jesus rose on Easter, then we will believe He is God, and if He is God He is worth listening to and trusting with every aspect of our lives. If we act on this kind of faith, we will naturally want to live more His way and live our way, a lot less.

This month we will begin a new theme called “Less for More,” in which we will look at how having less of some kinds of life in us will naturally lead to having more Jesus in us, instead. We will imagine what it would be like to have less judgment, less worry and less possessiveness in our lives. We will think about what kinds of “more” Jesus would replace those “lesser” things with, and wonder: how would the state of our minds and the condition of our homes change if we made the “less us for more Jesus” bargain?

Today, right now, the  Holy Spirit is blowing like a breeze, awaking us to more Jesus. This month let’s see how much of His good life we can claim for our own.


Pastor Chris