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Pastor’s Message

Letting God Lead

On our recent mission trip with Sierra Service Project, I was sitting beneath a tree having lunch with my work group. As is the SSP tradition on Fridays, we all offered reflections on some of our experiences over the week, and one young lady shared that she had arrived on Sunday full of trepidation about “putting herself out there” and the response she would receive from new people. But she continued that, as had been the case in previous years, she was overjoyed by the ease with which she had made new friends and how wonderful everyone was. And then she added cheerfully: “I don’t know why I’m always so blown away by that. I mean, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that people who travel long distances and give up a week of their summer to help other people turn out to be cool”. How true!

This youth was articulating something we often don’t fully appreciate: the people we hang out with, the environments we create, the way we think and the activities in which we participate do not only reflect who we are but shape who we are. The who’s and where’s and what’s of our lives lead us, so it’s important to be conscious of why we choose them and what outcomes are likely to follow from following them!

This coming month we will be returning to the book of Ruth to discover how this heroine of the Bible let God lead in her life. We’ll see how kindness and honor further shaped Ruth’s story that began with her devotion to her mother in law Naomi, and how acceptance and redemption finally transformed both of their lives from bitter to much better.

Each year the young lady in my work group has re-discovered that “people who travel long distances and give up a week of their summer to help other people turn out to be cool.” Similarly, we all need reminders that the One who designed us, knows us, and loves us always has our best interests at heart. And we shouldn’t be surprised that by Letting God Lead we can find ourselves traveling in the best, and often most pleasantly surprising, direction for ourselves and others.


Pastor Chris